Hotel & institutional Catering

It is exactly 19 years since the department enrolled the first four students. We now admit an average of 800 students per year. The practical nature of our programmes prepare students academically and give them the knowledge essentials for a successful hospitality career. The department enjoys strong links with many of the national and international hospitality companies including government departments who sometimes prefer direct campus recruitment for future talent. We provide a very strong foundation for a future carreer in the industry. A combination of small, hands-on classess and critical attention to professional practices and atiquettes makes us the best choice in the country and the region.

We have invested in a model hotel for the first round of off-class exposure before they are sent out for trials in the field. Our almni can be found working in the industry anywhere in the region and beyond, and are a testimony of our success. The Admissions run throughout the year for any of the following programmes: Elementary Certificate, Advanced Certificate and Ordinary Diploma in Catering and Hotel Management. Immediate future plans include starting specialized programs in culinary art, Front Office and Accommodation studies, Food and Beverage Service Supervision, Bar Operations and Management. Lastly, and most importantly, The bachelors Degree program in catering and Hotel Management
Its a very wise decision to Join us. For God and my Country.


Degree in hotel and institutional catering is offered in the EVENING & WEEKEND sessions for three years. Two principle passes are required are requirements for enrollment.

Diploma in hotel and institutional catering is offered in the morning, afternoon and evening for two years
Certificate in hotel and institutional catering for morning and afternoon sessions.
Elementary certificate in catering for students between primary seven and senior three is also offered in one year.

Enrollment for elementary certificate has 103 students
Advanced Certificate has 520 students
Diploma has 280 students
The total enrollment range is 1000 students
The teaching staff are motivated by the head to believe that course is a professional
The course is pratical oriented; emphasis is hands on compared to theoretical training
There is linkage to industry and other stake holders e.g. hotels, major restaurants, leisure parks etc. resource people are always brought to talk to students.

Internship for students is compulsory before graduation.

DISCIPLINE:The emphasis is put in respecting professional institutional and dress code. Pratical exams are given to check the competences of the students.We offer the strategic approach to monitor what the market demands.
We intend to construct a model hotel of about 50 rooms
Regional and international benchmarking for staff to see what is done elsewhere will be embarked on.
All lecturers must have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in catering and hotel management