Art & Fashion Design

Fashion designing involves creating designs through a systematic process of research, development using a wide range of illustration techniques.
YMCA Department of Art and Design shall strive to provide a full-time Art and Design program that develops cultural, historical and industrial understanding of the Art and Design as well as creative and performing ability of its students. The Diploma requires at least two years of three terms each taken within a given period, in residence.
Realizing this, the Department has made art and design sensitivity to all aspects of visual experience central to the program. The task of the artist and art historian is to celebrate visual experience into a variety of media, technology and styles.

The department offers diploma and certificate, with both internal and external (UBTEB) Exams.

1. To adapt designs from the environment in order to create unique original works.
2. To enable students develop develop designs which can satisfy the current trends in the fashion industry.

Art and Design as a human activity involves aesthetic, intellectual, and practical skills, although to become broadly significant it should interact with the content available in other fields, especially science, cooperative education and industrial studies in Studio Art/Museum and Gallery. Study trips, and Art History provide on-the-job, supervised, evaluated experiences which contribute to the student’s overall education and development Primary goals include improvement of art, museum, gallery skills, production and creative strategies.

Specific careers exist in the general areas of Fine art and industrial design. YMCA Department of Industrial Art and Design graduates have established careers in such fields as studio practices Art and designer, teaching in schools and colleges, anthropology, antique restoration, film and video producers, gallery and museum curators, illustrators, etc. The future holds a great deal of promise for artists and designers who can combine skills with a breadth of understanding.

The following shall be principal areas of study: Painting, Art History, Sculpture, Drawing, Jewellery Making, Printing, Graphics Design, Textiles, Industrial Design and Fashion.

The common regulations and guidelines for Certificate and Diploma in YMCA Institute and the specific regulations of the Department of Art and Design shall apply to the studies and examination of Certificate and Diploma of Art and Design.