Clearing & Tourism

The department began in 1997. The first course was clearing and forwarding, in 1998 Tourism course was started and project Planning was introduced in 2005.

Intake for tourism,both certificate and diploma is in May and September every year. Clearing and forwarding:September only and project planning in September.
To bridge the gap of lack of skilled manpower in the job industry.
To promote domestic tourism in the country.
To promote and create employment opportunities.
To transform the institution into a national and global center of excellence.

Follow up on the products
Promote further studies to match the global trends
To organize several trips to make learners appreciate what goes on in the field.
To start special computer packagefor students e.g. ASYCUDA(automated system of customs data)
To take lead in organizing leisure tours both within and outside the country for YMCA members.
The areas of employment include: Hotels and recreational centers, travel agencies,art galleries,museum,conventional centers, travel agencies,national parks,airlines, tour companies,embassies etc.