Everyone – Children, Men and Women – need a good Self image, Imaginative and inspired look. There is a big demand for qualified Hairdressers, Beauty therapists and Cosmetologists – from working in a Salon, Cosmetics company, Retail representative, Manager, Consultant, Teacher, Mass media educator, Theatrical artist, Promoter to Owning one’s own business. The opportunities are endless.

Upon completion of the cosmetology programs, students should be able to:

Perform skills that reach the standards required by the modern client.
Communicate effectively with employers, employees and clients in a constructive manner.
Understand the scope of the cosmetology Industry.
Recognize the need to continually up-grade individual skills and keep current with the trends of cosmetology.
Incorporate a client centered approach to Cosmetology.
Demonstrate a thorough knowledge of Cosmetology products and service awareness.
Demonstrate initiative, motivation, energy and persistence in meeting Client needs.

The department intends to train professional killed and knowledgeable hairdressers, beauty therapists and cosmetologists worth of local and international recognition for their technical abilities.
The department intends to provide up-to-date knowledge, and practical skills and in line with the needs of the cosmetology industry.
The department intends to train our students in the latest techniques giving them an immediate market advantage.
The department intends to acquire up-to-date equipments for both the hair and beauty industries.