The YCI evolved from YMCA Kampala Branch as one of the six Branches of Uganda YMCA Comprehensive Institute offers a wide variety of professional Diploma and Certificate Courses on both day and evening programs. The Institute was started way back in 1986 purposely to enable the Youth who had dropped out of formal education to gain skills through the vocational training.

Between 1986-1990 concentration was mainly on Commercial Courses such as secretarial duties and bookkeeping but, with time many other courses were established to cater for a cross section of students from Senior Four for Certificate courses, or Senior Six or the equivalent for Diploma Courses. For those who would wish to achieve Professional Qualifications. Presently the number of students is over 2500, and is today offering a variety of activities in Gender and Youth, and Education Departments.

YMCA Comprehensive Institute is one of the Educational Programs of the Branch. It has enjoyed a decade of rich and successful traditional provision of Quality Education. Its mission is to promote the moral, spiritual and mental development of individuals. The institute aims at improving the quality of Education, Training, Leadership and development of research work. It champions issues at the highest level and is committed to assist all students in developing their potentials so that they may be creative, courageous and constructive citizens of the world.