Uganda YCI´s mission is to attain sustainable full development of humanity that encompasses body,spirit and mind with particular emphasis on the youth.Our dream to attain the mission is embodied in growth and effective leadership that will respond to the requirement of the mission.

In addition I am also privileged to be inclose association with the campus and as an overseer of YCI, the situation has enabled me to appreciate the systematic and visionary leadership at this unit.The various programs provided at this center(YCI) immensely meet YCI´s mission statement of why YCI exists.I have no doubt to say that the future of Uganda YCI is bright.

To put Christian principles into practice through self sustaining programs that builds the body, mind and spirit in order to achieve meaningful development.

  • Target group is “The Youth” mainly.
  • Operational area (geographical)comprises of the following districts: Kampala and Buwambo campus.
  • The is to help the youth become useful citizens spiritually, mentally and physically.

Its mission is to promote the moral, spiritual and mental development of individuals. The Institute aims at improving the quality of Education, Training, Leadership and development of research work.It champions issues at the highest level and is committed to assist all students in developing thier full potentials so that they may be creative, courageous and constructive citizens of the world. The Institute offers a wide range of certificate and diploma courses.