Institute Achievements:-

Among others the following are the major achievements:

  1. Other Degree Awarding Institution(ODAI)
  2. Continuous expansion of the following of the institute in terms of number of students
  3. Acquisition of a New Computer Laboratory with over 1000 computers
  4. Registration of the Institute with the (NCHE) National Council for Higher Education as ODAI
  5. YMCA Girls Hostels
  6. New Jubilee (4) Floor Block


The Institute faces a number of challenges despite the achievements and these include:- The need for more space and students drop outs.

Future plans:-

  • In order to curb the problem of rooms, the Institute has plans constructing a new building extension to arrest the current space problem and also gymnasium.
  • Focus on computer training for all our products in order to meet the current market demands or challenges requiring the use of I.T.

Strategic Plans:-

i) The main activities/programs in the next five years, they include:

  • Membership requirements:1000members to be recruited every year.
  • Education programs:At least 1000 students to be enrolled every academic year.
  • Rent of premises:It is estimated that 50 functions will be hosted every year.
  • Recreational Activities:e.g. Basket Ball, Table tennis, Mweso etc.Two teams of basket ball should be sent”out of the country” every year i.e 10 teams in the next five years.
  • At least one football team should be invited from over seas per year
  • Formation of a Table Tennis team at the branch and one at each Hi-ys Clubs.
  • We aim at enrolling at least one hundred affiliated clubs.
  • The Youth and Rural community members will be the major target of the branch activities

The list of what we are going to do will include:-

  • Educational programs
  • Campers programs
  • Canteen services
  • Membership Recruitment Drive
  • Recreational Activities
  • YMCA/YWCA World week of prayer and also weekly devotions
  • Staff capacity development
  • Expanding a girl’s hostel

What the target groups expect us to do in relation to our environment

  • Construction of a Day Care Center to cater for children of the working class in the city
  • Construction of a Boys hostels to cater for our own students and other from the nearby Institutions
  • Construction of shops/stall along the Bombo road
  • Connections to various Institution schools, and hotels for school practice industrial training and field work studies(research)