Students at YMCA Institution are over 2500,These students come from different countries within Africa and beyond, since YMCA is a world Institution it has helped in admitting students from different parts of the world. YMCA accommodates students from different religions despite the fact that it is a christian based Institution.


Health And Safety

Health is a precious asset, the well being of the students is always a priority. The clinic at YMCA provides counseling and consultation service for the students. Our clinic has one Nurse and one Technician who who...



Hostels and Dining

Currently the hostels in YMCA are only for female students, but the organization is coming up with anew hostel for outsiders.Hostels occupants are provided with beds and mattresses.




Student Center

The main essence or importance of the student center is to interact with each other so as to get to know more that involves their education and also get a chance to socialize with each other during certain events...



New Students Orientation

In the first week of every semester/term students have a gathering that involves career talks which are done by all the departments in order to prepair the students for their courses. Each department makes...



Students Events

YMCA students have inter house sports that goes on during the semester/term. The inter house sport includes four houses namely:
1. Yellow(Mutesa House)
2. Green(Mulira House)
3. Red(William...



Students Guild


YMCA comprehensive institute has a student guild whose members represent the student community that comprieses of:
1. President
2. Executive Ministers
3. Full Ministers