Currently the hostels in YMCA Comprehensive Institute are only for female students, but the organization is coming up with anew hostel for outsiders.Hostels occupants are provided with beds and mattresses.


The current charges for the hostels are as follows:

  • Accomodation and meals for a term(three months) = 480,000/=

Students who wish to stay in the hostels during holidays are required to pay some little fee for the period they intend to stay but their meals will not be provided at all cost.No cooking is allowed in the hostels, those who don’t pay for the meals, they can eat from canteen at the campus and/or nearby trading center of wandegeya.

There is enough and tight security within the Institution, the hostels has a warden. There are fire extinguishers on each of the four floors of the hostels in case of any accident.

The hostels have a capacity of 366 students in number. The hostels have a very high hygienic standard. For more, Contact the department at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.