About Us


An Institution that promotes excellence in vocational and technical skills for self- reliance.


Provision of excellence in vocational and technical skills that build the Mind, Spirit and Body for better services to society.


  1. Honesty
  2. Respect
  3. Responsibility
  4. Innovativeness
  5. Caring


  1. To work in close co-operation with other institutions those promote Christian principles.
  2. To build a self-sustaining Institution that promotes effective leadership and management based on Christian values
  3. To help individuals develop Christian character and values that builds the Mind, Spirit and Body.
  4. To provide practical skills to the youth and other stakeholders through vocational and technical programmes.
  5. To provide quality professional training that is affordable to the learners and pave way for future carrier enhancement.
  6. To impart knowledge and skills in vocational and technical fields so as to stimulate entrepreneurship development in the country.
  7. To promote research, innovation and skills among the youth and adults as a response to meet the new challenges in the business world and other job market areas.
  8. To develop relevant societal demand driven vocational and academic programmes, to recruit and retain qualified staff, as well as providing adequate learning resources
  9. To build capacity for generating and increasing financial resources in-flow and establish an effective and efficient financial management system.
  10. To establish an effective public relations and marketing system as well as an effective communication system.


The Institute that provides all round education for the development of the Mind, Body and the Spiritual dimensions of life. The philosophy is manifested in the 3-dimension Triangle on the Institute Logo which emphasizes the learner’s balanced life in