Join our Degree, Diploma or Certificate intake in JAN & FEB | APR & MAY | AUG & SEP

Join our Degree, Diploma or Certificate intake in JAN & FEB | APR & MAY | AUG & SEP

About YMCA

Since 1986, the institution has grown to become Uganda's first chartered Other Degree Awarding Institution (ODAI) with over 30 NCHE-accredited vocational and technical courses.

YMCA Comprehensive Institute (YCI) was created by the Uganda Young Men’s Christian Association (the foundation body) to impart practical vocational skills to the youth and other vulnerable groups. The Institute has two campuses: one located on Buganda Road, Plot 37-41, Wandegeya in Central Uganda, and another located at Buwambo-Matugga on Bombo Road in Nansana, Municipality-Wakiso District.

The Institute has gone through a series of advancements (steps) in its endeavors to achieve its vision and mission. Currently, the Institution holds the status of the first chartered Other Degree Awarding Institute (ODAI) in the area of vocational practical hands-on skills training. YCI offers a wide range of professionally oriented hands-on programs at the level of degrees, diplomas, certificates, and other general life-skilling short programs. These programs are offered during the day, evening, and weekends.

YMCA Comprehensive Institute

Over the past five years, YCI has grown into a well-established organization with an increasing ability to successfully pursue its mission. In particular, YCI has:

  1. Expanded its infrastructural facilities,
  2. Developed other programs that impart hands-on skills that respond to the current country’s needs,
  3. Furnished and equipped vocational practical skilling requirements in the laboratories,
  4. Established institutional systems,
  5. Promoted human resource capacity, and
  6. Tremendously increased its visibility and influence within and outside the country.


YCI’s key strength has been its rich history and niche known over the years in offering and providing vocational practical and hands-on skilling programs. It has experienced and committed practitioners, including a dedicated and focused Foundation body (Uganda YMCA) and an enterprising Governing council. The Institute has the ability to work with other stakeholders and key institutions, a strong track record in offering vocational programs, mobilization skills, a good working relationship with supervisory institutions including the National Council for Higher Education (NCHE) and Ministry of Education and Sports (MOE), and a good relationship with key Financial Institutions. YCI is considered top-notch and has experience in the provision of vocational education, including entrepreneurship.

YCI’s ability to continuously address the unemployment challenges for the youth and vulnerable groups by offering appropriate skilling programs has been another big asset. The Institute has set up well-established structures and popular programs that have attracted and benefited quite a significant number of the youth. Currently, YCI has a total number of four thousand four hundred (4000) graduates who pass out in different programs annually.

Our Motto

Seek knowledge from Cradle to grave.

Our Vision

YCI promotion of excellence in Vocational and Technical skills for self-reliance.

Our Values

YCI is guided by the following beliefs and values: caring, honesty, innovativeness, responsibility, and respect.

Mission Statement

Promotion of excellence in vocational and technical skills that build the mind, Spirit and body for better services to the society.


The Institute that provides all round education for the development of the Mind, Body and the Spiritual dimensions of life. The philosophy is manifested in the 3-dimension Triangle on the Institute Logo which emphasizes the learner’s balanced life in

Our Ideals

YCI operates under the following ideals;

  1. The Principle of trust in God would continue to be promoted
  2. Nondiscrimination in all our operations, no person shall be discriminated on any ground, be it tribe, religion, sex or age.
  3. Promotion and demonstration of integrity, transparency, accountability and professionalism within and without the Institute community
  4. Persevere and pursuit for excellence in all its service delivery.
  5. Promotion of lifelong technical skills, especially among the youth and vulnerable groups.
  6. Developing and maintaining a caring and inclusive general community.
  7. Innovativeness and adaptability to change to underpin all stakeholders in their approach to achieving the Institutional goals.

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