Dear All,


As we all know the world was thrust into new, unknown territory and unforeseen challenges caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic, No one could have predicted a pandemic of this scale and magnitude which has affected the entire nation socially and economically      

With reference to the above, this memo is to inform all Finalists (Cert, Dip, & Degree) who are undertaking internship in this period that they are requested to pay an additional fee of 50,000 (Fifty Thousand shillings) to facilitate smooth operations of internship supervision for it will cater for the increased transport and other prevailing costs. 

This additional fee will only be paid in:

Stanbic bank:……..9030005853000

Housing Finance:…0200047522

Eco bank: ………0080096105239001

Your cooperation in this regard is much appreciated.

Thank you.


For more inquiries contact +256 750 988 196


  • Alvin Reply

    You people u are thieves,so u think for us we don’t pay transport??…

    Or u think there is money to waste!.

    • Variriano Osuna Opendi Reply

      Dear Alvin, I understand your distress and the institute always subsides more than you appreciate. this was implemented to ensure both parties can work smoothly. because am certain you know the institution as well has operational costs.
      They are distressful times but we both need to cooperate to make it work.
      thank you for the feed back

  • Nakayiza Beatrice Reply

    What about those who were on quarter 5 are we also supposed to do internship now or we wait

  • Nalugo Anitah Reply

    For me I was in quator 5 am I supposed to go for internship? doing guidance and counselling

  • Ganda winfred Reply

    Wabula ymca …its like you guys only care about yourselves and you don’t care about us your students.

  • Gillian Reply

    But others we are in villages so what can we do now

  • Otianga Peter hannington Reply

    Thanks yci for your continued commitment to us we appreciate. Paying that additional 50k is not a problem but doing internship at this time of the pandemic is a viral cost, so we would like to wait till January then maybe will at peace.

  • Mukisa derrick Reply

    I think we should wait for some time until the government re -open the schools coz as per now internship places are scarce,some of those who got before, are told to wait ,may be let’s continue with online studies.

  • Kirabo ruth Reply

    🤔🤔lyf is more valuable than studies let us be patient not until schools r open🙏 even internship places r scarce now days

  • jonela Reply

    I have not attended my last quarter I wait until the school opens up or i go for internship.

  • Amony Sharon hope Reply

    Some students are sponsored by organizatio and remember organization sponser especially orphans in northern part of Uganda they can assist in every contribution and they said institutions are not yet opened so they will cater for everything when school re-open but am in quarter six have failed totally , what will you do to those ones who have not done training during covid 19 please be fair to us

  • Kasirye Ahmed Reply

    Truly we appreciate the work you’re doing for us as students but the problem is;

    about the internship, transport costs are higher than what we expected in the beginning mainly during the time we applied for our internship because like me, i begun doing it but very expensive than the tuition we pay

    About the adjustment of 50k, i think it would have been better to wait than adjusting because some of us we pay for our tuition and in the same way they cut us off from where we were struggling to get money from hope on this issue the school need to be sincere

    On the issue of e.learning its good but hope this is targeting only students who are within town where networks are always available but those who are away from the towns hope we are left outside, i don’t think that the Institute looked at that

  • Tukundane Sharon Reply

    Hey guys me I was quarter 5 are we also involved in that sector

  • NsubugaDouglas Reply

    ycma,u are not fair

  • Barak Reply

    I will nt tell any person to join ymca becoz ymca is turning into a banch of thieves nt develop uganda

  • Kihembo Brendah Reply

    I hate this, give us work please

  • mbambu rusia Reply

    am a finalist u you sent me a message that we check the elearning platform that there is the date when to pick examination permits but am not seeing any information.

  • Andrew Reply

    Imagine they want fine of 50k yet you have to pay extra 50k for tuition

  • Andrew Reply

    Imagine paying for 50k yet you have to pay additional Free money mbu 100k

  • Andrew Reply

    It’s not fare to pay surcharge of 50k mbu it’s for late payment some us don’t get access to the banks we come from far pliz

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