The reigning 1st Runner Up – Miss tourism 2019, Agwang Prossy Premah has defied all the odds as empowering women.

Agwang Prossy Premah is a student from YMCA Comprehensive Institute pursing Business Administration, and she believes the pageant is more than how a woman looks.

“For people who actually do not know about pageants should get to know that it’s actually empowering women.  We’re all young girls and we’re getting the opportunity to do something big and that’s empowering for us.  We feel more confident about ourselves.  We learn so much,” she says.

Exclusive interview with Premah as She shares her impressions and modeling journey

Premah, tell us, you were sure of your victory, didn’t you? or Did it all happen out of the blue?

  • On one hand, I didn’t expect to win, on the other hand, subconsciously I wanted it so hard. That is why, estimating all the possibilities objectively, I was sure of myself and the victory was expected. There is no doubt that being a part of Miss Tourism competition was stressful. But it was worth it. And now I’m happy.

This year there were so many ladies from all regions taking part in the Miss Tourism. Which one of them did you consider to be your main competitor?

  • To be frank, I didn’t think of other girls as my competitors. I considered them to be my friends. My main competitor was myself because in a crucial moment it’s very difficult to pull yourself together and show your best qualities so that you were noticed and singled out. I set myself a task to win. I tried to be friendly with the girls in order to have a good time and it helped to distract from bad thoughts and hard work.

Which region did you represent in the MISS TOURISM contest

  • Teso Region and i was the 2nd Runner up in the regional contest

Premah, when did this journey start and what drew you to modelling?

  • Ahhh, give or take early this year around April and I have a big passion for fashion and that is what drew me to modelling.

Tell us about your miss tourism journey, the ups and downs, the glory moments?

  • It all started this year in the regional contents, they were quite challenging and demanding but it was a great platform for me to learn so many things and to as well express my self through fashion and am so glad that I managed to scoop the 2nd runner up award for MISS TOURISM TESO

Premah, what does the future hold for you since your passion is deep in fashion and you are pursing Business Administration.

  •  Well, I have big dreams like every ambitious hard-working lady and my focus currently is to finish my education and embark on building and promoting my AGRO-TOURISM project.

It has been a long journey for you, what challenges did you find along your way?

  • Ohh, first of all it has been so hard to balance school and the competitions, both are so demanding and need time and dedication. It was also very hard financially, funding the unveiling and elimination rounds but by the grace of God, here we are.

Away from modelling, what do you do for fun?

  • Basketball & volleyball are my favorite , movies and meeting new people (networking).

What last words do you have for your fellow students and youths out there

  • To all the ladies out their always believe in yourselves and stay focused.

Lastly, are you dating?

  • Ahhh,(laughs hard) , no comment

Thank you so much, stay logged on for more exclusive interviews with students representing YMCA Comprehensive institute here and beyond borders

R-L (Agwang Prossy Premah – FIRST Runner up , Phionah Kyeru – Miss tourism, Jane Akullo  – second runner


  • Baron Reply

    Been seeing her at YMCA, she’s tall, slender and extremely cute.

  • Sarah Reply

    I just pray hard that God is always on your side my diary so that u can achieve all u want in life my lovely friend Agwang Premag Proscy I love u and wish u all the best in your journey

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