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Art & Fashion Design

YMCA Department of Art and Design shall strive to provide a full-time Art and Design program that develops cultural, historical and industrial understanding of the Art and Design as well as creative and performing ability of its students. The Diploma requires at least two years of three terms each taken within a given period, in residence.
Realizing this, the Department has made art and design sensitivity to all aspects of visual experience central to the program. The task of the artist and art historian is to celebrate visual experience into a variety of media, technology and styles.

The academic staff

The department is headed by Mr. Jude Mugula and is also composed of Lecturers and Instructors whose qualifications and experience is exception and key to provide the students with the required knowledge and skills.

About the courses:

The Department of Hotel and Institutional Catering includes the following courses offered on Certificate, Diploma level and Degree level.

  • Industrial art (Certificate,Diploma and Degree)
  • Fashion and design (Certificate,Diploma and Degree)


Elementary course in tailoring was started for that student who didn’t make it to Senior Four (between P7 and Senior 3).

For further information, you can contact the Deputy Branch Director’s office or Academic Registrar or Marketing office.

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