Computer Science

This department began in 2008; it has a staff of seven members including two lab attendants. It has three intakes, the January, May and September intake. All intakes are for both diploma and certificate, the total enrollment is now 232 for certificate and 143 for diploma. The January and May intakes are morning session while the September intakes are afternoon and Evening.The academic staff

The department is headed by Mrs. Hilda Kyobe Mpirirwe and is also composed of lecturers and instructors whose qualifications and experience is exception and key to provide the students with the required knowledge and skills.

Intakes:  January and May are morning session and August is both evening and afternoon.

About the courses:

The department of computer science includes the following courses offered on certificate, diploma level and degree level.

For further information you can contact the deputy branch director’s office or academic registrar or marketing office.

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