Everyone – Children, Men and Women – need a good Self-image, Imaginative and inspired look. There is a big demand for qualified Hairdressers, Beauty therapists and Cosmetologists – from working in a Salon, Cosmetics company, Retail representative, Manager, Consultant, Teacher, Mass media educator, Theatrical artist, Promoter to Owning one’s own business. The opportunities are endless.


  • The department intends to train professional killed and knowledgeable hairdressers, beauty therapists and cosmetologist’s worth of local and international recognition for their technical abilities.
  • The department intends to provide up-to-date knowledge, and practical skills and in line with the needs of the cosmetology industry.
  • The department intends to train our students in the latest techniques giving them an immediate market advantage.
    The department intends to acquire up-to-date equipment’s for both the hair and beauty industries.

The academic staff

The department is headed by Mr. Innocent Muwanga and is also composed of lecturers and instructors whose qualifications and experience is exception and key to provide the students with the required knowledge and skills.

Intakes:  January and May are morning session and August is both evening and afternoon.

About the courses:

The department of cosmetology includes the following courses offered on certificate, diploma level and elementary level.

  • Hair dressing
  • Beauty therapy
  • Diploma in cosmetology
  • Certificate in cosmetology

For further information you can contact the deputy branch director’s office or academic registrar or marketing office.
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Tel: 0414233294 / 0772587811 / 0750988196