Dates for sitting Exams will strictly be as follows:-

Dates for sitting Exams will strictly be as follows:-


  • Ssebbaale Simon Peter Reply

    Am a student of the wandegeya campus a certificate electrical engineer but we’ve seen a time table for even quarter 2-6 students, is it official that we are having those exams on the designated dates as per the school program

  • Patricia Reply

    Student of bss administration how are time table course s to be got

  • Daniel Lule Reply

    Am a student of wandegeya branch send year and I’ve seen computer science that include BIT students

  • Daniel Lule Reply

    And another thing some of us don’t have the 100% yet it wud be fair if u considered a bit lower percentage for now and the balance cleared as d semester ends e.g 70%

  • Nakayi Sumayiya Reply

    Just asking whether we the internee supposed to pay e learning fee and pay again the internship fee coz as per now our parents not ready to pay

  • Acen franka Reply

    What are about week for reading

  • Robert Reply

    Is these for only finalize?…or it’s open for every students?
    A parent concerned

  • Najjemba sylvia Reply

    Y is it that have failed to log in the e-learning program
    Please guide me

  • Nalumu aminah Reply

    Am in quarter one…u mean even us are going to do the exams

  • naume angecho Reply

    Are first year diploma students of buwambo campus also doing exams?

  • Turyasi ngura Edgar Reply

    Are the students of 1st year last semester also going to do examz bse am confused of the students to report to school advise me please

  • Stephen ssebunya Reply

    You guys ain’t serious at all
    How comes we have to pay the 50k for the online study even if we did not study at all…

  • Keeya Kenneth Reply

    Am a student of YMCA doing Information technology (1st year)are we also doing this exams?. because am seeing Certificate and Deplomer?

  • Nankunda Charity Reply

    I saw business studies once on the time table,, are we doing all the exams in one day???

  • MwesigwA mark caleb Reply

    Mi i cant make it to campus coz of some issues so will it be possible to do special papers or sign a dead year

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