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Examination is one of the major means of assessing and evaluating students’ or learners’ skills, knowledge and attitude in both general and specific areas of studies.It is a crucial mode of assessment of the learner’s mastery of certain required significant corpus of knowledge.

However, owing to the high premium prices the public attaches on paper qualifications, this has resulted into significant numbers of examinations malpractices over the years. Examinations malpractices in examinations compromise the validity and reliability of these examinations and therefore impact negatively on the authenticity and credibility of the certificates,diplomas and degrees awarded by the Institution.

Examination malpractice according to World Bank (2001) is defined as “a deliberate wrong doing that is contrary to official examination rules and is purposed to place a candidate at an unfair advantage or disadvantage”.

Strategies students use in examinations malpractice
– Collaborative cheating. In this way, the colleague is willing to participate in the scheme. He or she allows their work to be copied.
– Students sit in V-formation which makes it easier to look at someone else’s paper.
– Wandering eyes and whispering.
– Students observing the supervisor carefully and pretend to pay attention.
– Too much Confidence.
– Tactical deployment where students position themselves in relation to others.
– Students using signals to receive communication and answers to and from others.
– Ordinary Objects like having a cheat sheet in the pen.
– Eyes which do not stay on their own papers. They provide a perfect angle for peeking at a neighbor’s answers.
– Distracting the supervisor for example asking questions about clarity of the questions. Clarification on a ridiculously obvious point.
– Repeated coughs to convey answers to one another from across the room.This draws attention to them.
– Students who take bathroom breaks and they end up going too long.
– Students who are not free most especially with their hands.This shows that they wrote on their hands.

small cheat notes smuggled into examination rooms.

At YCI, Examination malpractice is an abomination and a number of provisions and regulations have been put in place.Responsibilities of Examination Chief Invigilators,Invigilators and Scouts have been clearly stipulated;Rules on Malpractice Offenses and Penalties have been devised as a means of curbing
the vice of Examination malpractice.


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