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Join our Degree, Diploma or Certificate intake in JAN & FEB | APR & MAY | AUG & SEP

Hotel & Institutional Catering

Since its establishment in 1997, our Department has experienced remarkable growth and evolution. From a mere four enrolled students, we have now grown to admit thousands of students on a yearly basis. Our practical-oriented programs not only provide strong academic preparation but also equip students with the essential knowledge and skills for a successful career in the hospitality industry.

The Department of Hotel and Institutional Catering offers a wide range of courses at the certificate, diploma, and degree levels. Our programs include: Bachelor of Catering and Hospitality Management, Diploma in Hotel and Institutional Catering, Certificate in Hotel and Institutional Catering, Elementary Certificate in Catering, and Special Cookery Program (Holiday Program Only).

One of our key strengths lies in our strong connections with national and international hospitality companies, including government departments that often prefer direct campus recruitment for future talent. These industry links further enhance our students’ prospects and provide a solid foundation for their future careers. Our commitment to small, hands-on classes and meticulous attention to professional practices and etiquette sets us apart as the best choice in the country and the region.

To ensure comprehensive industry exposure, we have invested in a model hotel, offering our students their first taste of real-world hospitality before they embark on field trials. Our esteemed alumni can be found working across the region and beyond, serving as a testament to the success of our programs.

We also offer Elementary Certificate in Catering, designed specifically for students who did not complete their senior four studies (between P7 and senior 3). This program serves as an entry point, laying a strong foundation for students to pursue a career in the hospitality industry.

The Academic Staff

Led by Dr. Sam Otengei, our department boasts a team of exceptional lecturers and instructors. Their qualifications and experience are unparalleled, providing our students with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel in the hospitality industry.

We place great emphasis on professional conduct and adhering to institutional and dress codes. Practical exams are conducted to assess students’ competencies, ensuring they meet the demands of the market. Our strategic approach keeps us aligned with industry requirements and trends.

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