Every crisis presents new challenges and offers new opportunities for innovation but we  need to face the facts: all of the world’s sectors are going digital and Uganda is also heading down the digital path and the COVID-19 Pandemic has presented the first real test of adopting e-learning systems at different levels of education across the nation. 

This raises questions that we all need to address:

  1. What access to technology does each student have from home?
  2. What support systems exist at home?
  3. What are the learning advantages and gaps that are revealed by this environment?
  4. What distractions impact their learning?

What we’re experiencing in this shift is the inevitable and it is time to embrace the use of technology to engage our students in new ways. Technology has advanced and their various platforms like video conferencing and other e-learning resources on the market.

What was once an escape—has now become an essential learning tool. In this way, YMCA Comprehensive Institute has taken her first big step in embracing digitalization and explored an alternative and easy self-enrollment E-system – to be able to connect to our students in new and innovative ways.

We cannot ignore the fact that attention has to be given to the gap in accessibility to technology and Internet connectivity in some of our students’ homes but together with the government, education stakeholders and parents / guardians we have to rise to the challenge and put in place measures to close this digital gap, permanently so that the resources and tools available for school systems can be available to every student.

In this way, the urgency for DIGITAL EQUITY should be addressed as soon as possible by the Government and related stakeholders so as students can access learning resources in an easier and less expensive way. Regardless of economic status, students can check out a device to access content at school, or at home.

­The YMCA Comprehensive Elearning platform is designed to cater for an Asynchronous Learning and a flipped classroom model that supports self-paced learning and allows for deeper discussion and learning respectively. In fact, Lecturers can answer more questions while sustaining and encouraging curiosity. As a by-product, students become task-oriented and learn to identify and manage their own goals.

This calls for a change in our mindsets, so that we can start this journey together as we evolve with the technology and the “new normal”. U­ndoubtedly, there is still a lot to be addressed given the practicability nature of our courses but every journey of one thousand steps always starts with the first step.

Bringing the classroom into the homes of our students is strangely intimate. However, this sends a strong message to our students that we deeply care about them. That despite the considerable barriers, we will continue to be a champion for them and their learning.

“seek knowledge from cradle to grave”

Opendi Variriano Osuna

Marketing and Public Relations Officer




    Relearning is the best way to keep in touch with our knowledge

  • MUWUMBA Denis Reply

    I z ok but data

  • Maria Reply

    This is not bad but how about students that went back to the villages like soroti and they don’t have money to access the internet.

    • Jesca Reply

      Soroti is not a village madam,and who tells u we don’t have power,o smart phones,.just prepare ur self and stop giving excuses

  • Kaggwa Joseph Reply

    The word ” digital equity” has touched me , indeed more action and hard work must be enforced collectively by various parties concerned in order to ensure that solution based alternatives are devised in correction of the a fore mentioned issue.
    And as for YMCA , I believe that there is more that needs to be done in order to reach to as many students because most of our colleagues are offline .

  • Muwmba DENIS Reply

    It’s ok

  • Muwmba DENIS Reply

    It done

  • Akampa Hillary Reply

    Am ready to learn

  • Loyep Reply

    I think e learning will help us
    But what of those under technical courses

  • Namale Rose Mary Reply

    I can’t reach the elearning link

  • Natukunda Lillian Reply

    How can I apply?


    tell us about actual costs in terms of fees,how to pay it and the actual date of starting it. please give us more details

  • Madiba Reply

    Yes we agree u care about us bt consider the number of students that can afford the internet bundles evry day , and how many have access to smart phones . thanx

  • Nalutaaya Annet Reply

    Want to register

  • Ainembabazi Mackline Reply

    How can l register for online e-learning

    • Bukirwa Gloria Reply

      How can i apply

  • Aine Sheillah Reply

    It will work for us

  • Ojupa Justine Reply

    How to register

  • Aine Sheillah Reply

    How should I enroll in the ea-learning

  • Nakatudde Alice Reply

    I literally have no data for studying everyday but I really want to!

  • nagudi samalie Reply

    We should start up this asap

  • Lydia Reply

    I am happy to be part of the e learning

    • Lillian Esther Reply

      Hey dear,just read your comment and it shows or implies that your already studying… Please help guide me on how to join the eLearning studies cause I am pretty sure am missing out alot please kindly…. Any help from you will be greatly appreciated

  • Nambi ritah Reply

    I know that eLearning is important but some of us like me cannot access Internet because I don’t have a smart phone

  • Aloo Veronika Reply

    Please are they doing eLearning already?
    I want to join how can i do it

  • Peter Reply

    In fact students may be missing notes coz the program is complicated

    • Akim Ronald Reply

      Yeah, the program is too complicated leaving us stranded. Can u plz make it easy for us to login

  • Nakayiwa Oliver Reply

    We need update, has the E-learning started yet. The zoom link has not been sent yet and we are still waiting.

  • Simiyu Joseph Reply

    thanks for the e learning platform, i request if the e learning registration link could be added on this main site we shall be grateful,
    thank you.

  • Kasana jackline Reply

    It’s fine but how to apply

  • Kasirye Ahmed Reply

    I tried to register several times but totally failed. How can we do it?

  • Kitayimbwa Charles Reply

    Whats the link for E-Learning

  • Tukundane Sharon Reply

    I should I enrol in the e learning

  • Nabweema jesca ritah Reply

    Mine failed anyone to help me

  • Ilokot Francis Reply


  • Ilokot Francis Reply

    I think it should just be like that forever coz it gives time for others tasks


    Consider the expenses coze not all of us are the same as far as finance is concerned thanks

  • matthias mk kansiime Reply

    thanks but still guide us on how to
    register cox i tried it but all in vain.avail the procedures


    Its good we like but we are coming from different family and district not every one can manage we may lack things like data smartphones laptops or how are we going to manage it but me am ready.

  • Aluki George Reply

    I would consider it going to the next level but will it cater for all the students.

  • Cathy Reply

    Am trying to great an account so that I can be able to login but its refusing my email saying that am not using the email that yci uses.

  • matua stephen Reply

    it could be much easier if the institution registers every students and they can only access it through a link this is because i have taken weeks to register but my efforts are all in vein please its not accepting my information i have submitted

  • Sarah Reply

    Elearning it’s not a problem…but again how about our fellow students who don’t have smartphones n can not totally afford one how have u prepared for them coz we all need to be on the same pace.

  • Namulwana salia Reply

    Does it work properly

    • Kasozi Simone peter Reply

      It is not bad cause we want to finish our studies soon but the problems is the links dosent work even we don’t know how to join our elearning but if start it will be good even update our website so that we register online studying

  • Shafic Reply

    Am trying to log in but it’s refusing yet we have been told that u are already studying

  • Kyomuhendo hamphrey Reply

    This is so good but not fevoring other people who don’t have access to Internet like us

  • Jordan Reply

    I wish u just send us the link ,because some people are getting difficulty in registration. As an SMS

    • Joan Reply

      How do we enroll hv failed to

  • Isaac Lyncs Reply

    We are getting difficulties in loging in but please favour other people who have no access to this platform, Get a way to help them, Thank.

  • Musiimenta Doreen brendah Reply

    It can work but what about those in villages and they don’t have smart phone, what can we do

  • Nabirye Ruth Reply

    How is going to be


    Hello on behalf of my class am the coordinate and i really need the link to help my fellow students log in and student

  • Nalumu aminah Reply

    It’s a good idea but not favoring other people most especially those who are offline and with out smart have you planned for them cus we have to move on the same pase

  • Nalumu aminah Reply

    Even some of us can’t afford everyday data yet we also want to study…bt how do we enroll cus av tried many times and t has failed


    It’s not bad but how much do we have to pay.?

  • Nalubwama Josephine Reply

    It’s ok bt data

  • NAMATOVU Olivia Reply

    I have tried many times to enroll to my course units but it doesn’t work and I tried reporting the issue to u be no aid I receive frm u.can u please let us know if the system has started or not yet because me am confused it doesn’t work at all

  • Arinda DESIRE Reply

    hello guys i failed to regester online please help me


    This program is good but think about some students who are unable to access it

  • Isaac Ssenabulya Reply

    I have tried logging in but it has failed.

  • Mary Akoth Reply

    I appreciate the innovation. This is so good for the current situation since it helps us keep safe from the covid 19 pandemic, yet keeping us up to date with academic knowledge. Thanks to the vision bearer of this. The only task at hand now I how to be part of the platform. Some one may help guide me how to join.

  • Kyambadde brian Reply

    I have tried to registered but have failed. I don’t know whether the systems are active or not yet. We even don’t know when to start learning or when it started. I think publication is abit locking course we as students we don’t know what exactly going on yet we are looking forward to start studying.

  • Tumukunde Maxwell Reply

    The system is not working VIVA

  • Dorothy Reply

    I have tried my level best but the system is complicated

  • Biyinzika Oliver Reply

    I am more than ready to start e learning .I just don’t have the right procedure to register for it

  • Biyinzika Oliver Reply

    I am more than ready to start e learning .I just don’t have the right procedure to register for it. It seems the network is not active and very poor

  • Akoth patience Reply

    Yes iam more than ready but how can I link up

  • Alice Reply

    When did eLearning start for distance students?

  • aarakit scovia Reply

    I support the idea in order to fight the pandemic

  • Gracious Reply

    I was ready but i hv tried n i hv fail. May be remind me the procedure

  • Lamongin Latifah Reply

    Some of us really can’t afford data everyday plus l want to engage in this program, the administration should just find ways of how this kind of problem can be solved.

  • Mukisa Dorcas Reply

    Let’s try it.

  • Ariango maureen Reply

    how should i registerr for e learning anybody to help

  • Nabwire winnie Reply

    Are we suppose to pay the fees that was suggested for online studying or its no longer needed since we are to go back to school soon?

  • NALUWOOZA aisha Reply


  • NALUWOOZA aisha Reply

    Data problems

  • Nalugemwa rose Reply

    I have also faied to register what should I do?

  • Sammy sight Reply

    Today the page is not loading could it be that everyone is trying to load and it has slowed down or so advice on how to login please

    • uwase Reply

      can i pliz know how to acess the link

  • Nassiwa Hawula Reply

    i have also tried logging in but i have failed. please help me.

  • Envy kasssim aka Envinho de ivy mbenju Reply

    Not abad ideology really but those in villages already and inadequacy to access smart phones an addition to that comes data cost which is difficult to relay on the electric system of study thanks

  • Namuyonga Annet Reply

    I have failed to see the elearning sighn in sight

  • Namuyonga Annet Reply

    Am not seeing the login sight for elearning

  • Namuyonga Annet Reply

    Am not seeing the login sight for elearning I need SME help pliz

  • mbambu rusia Reply

    Assist me on how to open the elearning platform

  • Namubiru Joyce Reply

    Tried elearning website as were given but couldn’t reach it kindly send us correct address n ways of accessing it

  • Murungi jonathan Reply



    How can check for the time table

  • kibalama frank Reply

    how can we apply for e-learning

  • kibalama frank Reply

    how can i apply for e-learning

  • Rubangakene Deogracious Reply

    How to register on e-learning platform help me out

  • Nagitta annah tendo Reply

    I have failed to connect with elearning

  • Mutebinathan Reply

    E learning is great but so complicated

  • Mutebi Nathan Reply

    E learning is great but so complicated

  • Natukunda Ruth Reply

    Please help me how can link up to access it

  • Nsubuga Fredrick Reply

    I also trying to access but no way through I need some help

  • Tinah Reply

    Hey I have seen a fee to be paid on resumption by every student of 50,000,why paying it when nothing has been received??? on the platform no no no


    Hw can I log in any one to help me

  • Biira mackline Reply

    How do I register for elearning and some of our colleagues said that they are studying already.

  • Munguci Reply

    Please am really perplexed with all these Asin registration is Abit complex and I dnt really get it cos I hear some people have already enrolled with studies ..just help me out here with the procedures

  • ayko vinmcent Reply

    its real no9t easy

  • mbambu rusia Reply

    i tried to log in it refused so i need help

  • gloriah Reply

    am trying to create an account for elearning by things ar failing

  • Emmanuella Aggrey Noah Reply

    We’ll try our best to study e -learning

  • Babirye Hadija Reply

    How can i login to e-learning and how do i search the work? thanks

  • Male elijah Reply

    Hw can i log in in this elearning process

  • Eva styles Reply

    U guys

  • Okecha William Reply

    Good but entering is not easy

  • Ainembabazi Adrine Reply

    Fashion design and tailoring

  • Tinah Reply

    how can i log in that e learning program i need help.
    Is it true that those who didn’t do the exams are going to pay 50000/= for each course unit?

  • ACD/E/092/SEP/2019 Reply

    Help me how to register

  • ABUR NAUME Reply

    Am trying to register but I can’t

  • Oluka Dan Reply

    Being ready won’t b d prob but d accessibility n affordability z d biggest challenge to most of us.

  • Asasira samusa Reply

    How can I log in for elearning ,how too register and how to find my coswork and timetable

  • Faimah Reply

    We are facing the problem of data. But why are we going to pay the 50k yet I thought e learning is for free.

  • Arnold Reply

    Have not seen any thing like e learning yet I was forced to pay the 50k oba the text msges we send back to you is the e learning omuntu alabye ne ymca

  • ACD/E/092/SEP/2019 Reply

    How can I get the work

  • ACD/E/092/SEP/2019 Reply

    I have not seen any thing like eLearning so what can I do

  • ACD/E/092/SEP/2019 Reply

    Where is the work? Am sylivia

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