Key developments as the Institute is set to re-open operations on Thursday 15th, October 2020.

Key developments as the Institute is set to re-open operations on Thursday 15th, October 2020.

  1. E-learning programme to continue operational even after re-opening of the Institute on 15/010/2020
  2. All students are reminded to prepare for their final examinations.  Exam time tables to be availed in due course
  3. Submission of assignments on online platform to be maintained and all students reminded to adhere to this arrangement.
  4. Students’ with fees balances are hereby reminded to clear all outstanding balances before final examinations, as well as Ushs. 50,000 for online studies.
  5. Students done with Internship, Real Life Project and Research should prepare their final reports to be submitted on or before re-opening
  6. All students are required to observe Ministry of Health Covid-19 set Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) while on Campus
  7. All students to wear masks while on Campus
  8. Students to be allowed on Campus on designated days as per the teaching time table
  9. All students are required to carry/move with their Institute IDs as no student shall be allowed at the Institute premises without an ID.


  • Ssm Reply

    I’m not happy at all with yo decisions we not yang kids please

  • Niwarinda Alex Reply

    Good evening YCI
    Am Alex Niwarinda former student of ymca
    I did diplama In DBA and national diploma in bussiness mgt 2010 to 2012
    I would like to upgrade to bachelor’s degree
    Do you have a provision of giving two years for degree program since I have diploma with you
    What are procedures?

  • Gracious Reply

    For my case i forgot my ID in the hostel so now how will i be sorted

  • Jauharah Reply

    How to login

  • ayko vinmcent Reply

    hhaaaaa for sure this pandemic……

  • Herbert Reply

    Hello! are all students resuming contrary to government directives allowing only finalists to complete or YMCA has a separate arrangement with MOES? We fear embarking on a journey that could backfire for non finalists.

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