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Life at Campus

Accommodation at YMCA

There are fully furnished hostels for female and male students with in the institution. These are assigned on request from the student. Accommodation in the hostels is for per quarter or per semester and renewable. Lunch and Dinner is served to all resident students in each hall at a specified time.

Counseling and Guidance

The Counseling and Guidance Centre helps students who need assistance on guidance about their daily life problems which might hamper their steady progress in the academic field or prevent them from enjoying their life in general. Such problems embrace a whole range of health problems(Medical and psychiatric) , Socioeconomic, marital, sexual, academic, spiritual and other problems.

The Centre is currently spear headed by the Institute counselor – Mrs. Joy Wamala.

Fresher’s Week

First Year students (Freshers) are by tradition given an “acclimatization” period of normally one week which is referred to as the “Orientation Week”. The Freshers report on Campus one week earlier than the Continuing students and during this week, they are introduced to the key facilities in the Institute as well as other important aspects of life at the Institute. A program of activities is always issued out and is expected to be strictly followed.

Medical Access

The Institute clinic comprises various units which render different services to the Community. It offers both curative and preventive services. Currently, we are having free Hepatitis B immunization for all students.


There are a number of recreation and sports activities at the University. The Department of Sports and Recreation offers welfare and sports skills services to the students through various games that include:

  1. Games: Netball, Volleyball, Basketball, Football and Lawn Tennis, Athletics etc.
  2. Music, Dance and Drama.
  3. Indoor Games such as the Board game “Omweso”, Draft, Ludo, Darts etc.
  4. Debating ,quiz and public speech.

Students are encouraged to participate in these activities because we believe in the saying that “a healthy Mind in a healthy Body.”

We also have a fully established ladies basketball team that plays in the National basketball league and the unbeaten champions of the Div. One ladies basketball league. As well, we have a men’s basketball team that plays in the Div. one men’s National basketball league.

YMCA also competes with in the Inter-University football tournament and our students are encouraged to sign up for the team if they believe they have the potential and would like to develop their skills.


There are various places of worship at the University for the Different Religious Sects.

Catholics gather in kilembe hall every Friday from 12pm – 1pm

Anglicans gather at NEC ground floor every Friday 12pm – 1pm

Pentecostals gather at the Pentagon on second floor every Wednesday and Friday from 12pm – 1pm

We have a Mosque on Jubilee ground floor for the Moslems (always open)