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Join our Degree, Diploma or Certificate intake in JAN & FEB | APR & MAY | AUG & SEP

Certificate in Automobile Mechanics


A program that provides students with the knowledge and skills to diagnose, repair, and maintain automobiles. The program may cover topics such as engine management, electrical systems, brakes, manual drive trains, and axles. Students may also learn about computer technology and data acquisition as it relates to automobile repair.

Admission Requirements

At least 5 passes at “O” level including Maths and English Language.

Program Highlights

Comprehensive Curriculum: The program offers a comprehensive curriculum that covers various aspects of automobile mechanics, including engine repair, electrical systems, brakes, manual drive trains, and axles. Students will gain a solid foundation in automotive technology and repair techniques.

Hands-on Training: The program emphasizes hands-on training, allowing students to apply their knowledge in a practical setting. Students will have the opportunity to work with power tools and heavy machinery, gaining valuable experience in diagnosing and repairing vehicles.

Experienced Instructors: The program is taught by experienced instructors who have expertise in the field of automobile mechanics. They provide guidance and support to students, ensuring they receive quality education and training.

Industry-Relevant Skills: Graduates of the program will acquire industry-relevant skills that are in high demand in the automotive industry. They will be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to diagnose and repair various automotive issues, making them valuable assets to potential employers.

Functional Fees
Functional fees paid by each new student.
Item Semester 1 Semester 2
Application Fee – Per Year 60,000 N/A
Registration Fee – Per Year 30,000 N/A
Identity Card – Per Year 25,000 N/A
Examination Fee - Per Semester 100,000 100,000
Library Fee – Per Semester 70,000 70,000
Development Fee – Per Year 60,000 N/A
Guild Fee – Per Year 25,000 N/A
Sports Fee – Per Year 20,000 N/A
Medical Fee – Per Year 50,000 30,000


A UGX 20,000 NCHE Fee is paid annually and directly to the National Council for Higher Education by the applicant upon enrolment.

Hostel accommodation for male and female students is available at Buwambo Campus at a fee of UGX 550,000 per quarter (Inclusive of accommodation and meals).

All students in the hostel will be required to bring toiletries.

Where to Bank

All payments should be made in any of the following Banks or their Branches throughout the country in the name of YMCA Comprehensive Institute.

Bank Account Number
Bank of Africa 02022350002
Housing Finance Bank 121160377300
Centenary Bank 3710600053
Stanbic Bank 9030005853000
Equity Bank 1039200875951

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