Students’ Guild

YMCA comprehensive institute has a student guild whose members represent the student community that comprises of:

1. President
2. Executive Ministers
3. Full Ministers
4. Deputy Ministers
5. Course Representatives

The guild is elected every year by both the students and the administration to perform the following functions in the institute:


  • We organise educational tours whereby we visit other institutes more so YMCA branches countrywide and this is done by the Educational ministry.
  • YMCA as a christian founded institute unites students of all religions, tribes and thats why prayers are held every friday in the institute for different faith under the religious and information ministry.
  • The guild council thhrough its justice ministry formed a displenary comittee which laise with students to deal with indesplene causes such as hooliganism, tribalism, racsisim etc. so as to ensure total disciplene. Thaths why YMCA is a rit free institute in Uganda.
  • Under the entertainment ministry, the following are ensured: MDD, Fashion galla, student outings to the beaches, freshers ball, EOT parties etc. Every year.
  • YMCA being a home of backet ball in uganda has other sports such as football, in-door, athletics, netball, etc. All organised by the sports ministry.
  • We organise a health week every term sensitizing. In YMCA health is the first priority taken into cosideration. this is done through sensitizing students about HIV conceling and testing which is done every three months, health seminars etc organized by the ministry of health.

For more information and Inquiries, contact the Guild Office by E-Mail at: