This program is meant to meet the needs of managerial, administrative and secretarial personnel in public offices. On completion of the courses, graduates are equipped with concepts, methods, techniques and tools that allow them to begin a career in government ministries, international organisations or the private sector. The course’s structure and content are based on the 21st Century’s need to produce highly trained graduates as envisioned in the Education Review Report and Government White Paper.
The programs focuses on enabling students to enhance their practical skills and widen their intellectual scope to cope with the demands of a Public Office. Students are helped to acquire efficient communication skills needed in all aspects of life. Throughout the courses there is an emphasis on the production of bilingual or multilingual personnel with excellent translation and interpretation skills.

In a secretarial course you’ll cover several key concepts:

  • Office technology
  • Keyboard and computer techniques
  • Basic office procedures
  • Business math and finance skills
  • English and writing
  • Transcription best practice

While you can never tell, with absolute certainty, that you are making the right choice by studying a certain course, you can do your best to stack the odds in your favor.

By choosing secretarial studies, you are doing just that: stacking the odds in your favor. Secretaries are fortunate enough to be able to work in any environment and in any industry. This opens up many possibilities, and gives you many options to choose from.

The aspects covered by secretarial studies are closely linked to many other fields, which means that even if you decide not to venture into a secretarial career, you will still be able to make use of the knowledge and skills that you have acquired. You could, for example, decide to study further and go into bookkeeping, where you will be required to perform a whole range of administrative tasks in addition to your bookkeeping duties.


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    My name is Nakibuuka Hanifah. I’m an instructor of shorthand and keyboard skills. I would like to work with you in secretarial studies.please contact me on 0758292521 in case you need an instructor. Thank you

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