On the 14th of July 2022, all roads led to the YMCA Comprehensive Institute (YCI) Buwambo Campus for the long awaited 24th Graduation Ceremony. The event got off to a vibrant start with favorable weather conditions. Unlike past graduation ceremonies, this was slated to be a one day event because of the still existing guidelines against the spread of Covid 19.

Led by the Chief Guest and Chancellor –DR.JAMES L NKATA and smartly dressed in their Academic attire, the Academic staff, Board of trustees, Governing Council majestically marched in procession led by the Scouts brass band to the official graduation grounds at 9am and by 1pm,the congregation had been successfully dissolved into a gathering at the event’s closure.

A total of 2,589 graduates in various disciplines ranging from Certificates(1,528), Diplomas(906) and Degrees(155) were expected to be present at the ceremony with their respective parents/guardians. Of this lot, 75% were females and 25% males.

Immediate center,YCI Chancellor-Dr. James L Nkata,YCI Principal Dr.Herbert Mukasa.Chairperson-Governing Council,Ms.Roselyne Birungi S(4th left).YCI-Deputy Principal(Buwambo Campus),Mrs. Margret Ssemakula(4th Right) and other Academic Staff at the 24th Graduation ceremony on 14th July 2022.

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