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YCI Library

Every student and staff member has free access to the library. YCI library is obliged to
serve them by providing different services and relevant information materials.
Information materials in the library include;
1. Textbooks Books
2. Databases (Electronic resources)
3. Reference books (Dictionaries, Encyclopedias, atlases)
4. Periodicals (Magazines, Newspapers)
5. Examination past papers
6. Dissertations
Services provided include;
1. Reference service
2. Computer services
3. Internet service
4. Current awareness service
5. Circulation services / borrowing service
6. User education services
Library sections
1. Reserve section
2. Open access
3. Bag sections
4. Discussion rooms
5. Reference section
6. Research commons
Finding books and other library resources
The following will help you find the right information materials or information in the least
possible time:
i. The librarians
Too often students waste precious time wandering aimlessly in search of a source
because they afraid to ask for assistance. Do not hesitate to ask the librarian for
ii. The library catalogue
We keep a record of all the books in the library in a database. We have an online public
access catalogue (OPAC), all books acquired are recorded here. Link; library.yci.ac.ug

iii. Accessing information materials;
a) Physical materials
To access physical information materials, the library card or institution student card is
b) Accessing Electronic resources
Electronic resources can be accessed both on-campus and off-campus.
1. On-campus through Libhub. sempertool.dk
2. Off-campus through Myloft (my library on finger tips). This means e-resources
can be accessed from anywhere outside campus.
This requires a library user to register with the library and submitting their email