Join our Degree, Diploma or Certificate intake in JAN & FEB | APR & MAY | AUG & SEP

Join our Degree, Diploma or Certificate intake in JAN & FEB | APR & MAY | AUG & SEP

Dr. Herbert Mukasa


I am absolutely thrilled by the remarkable achievements we have accomplished so far. Just as Christians plan, prepare, and eagerly anticipate the birth of the Holy Jesus Christ on Christmas day, the staff, students, and entire YCI community eagerly awaited the transformation of YCI into a degree awarding institution (ODAI), which took place in August 2015. We now boast a unique curriculum that focuses on vocational studies, specifically designed to meet global market trends. Allow me to highlight some of the achievements we have earned over time.

Attainment of Degree Awarding Status:

In August 2015, YCI achieved the long-awaited status of being recognized as one of the degree awarding institutions in Uganda.


Our student enrollment has grown significantly, from 800 to 20,000 students to date. We have successfully accommodated this increase in numbers.

Highly Competent Teaching Staff:

Our teaching staff consists of graduates with diverse competences, capable of managing the diversified institutional curriculum effectively.


Every year, we graduate students who help bridge the manpower gap in the job industry. The vocational courses we offer are tailored to meet the job demands in the country. Furthermore, we actively engage students in co-curricular activities, culminating in inter-house and inter-branch competitions.

Infrastructure Development:

We have undertaken various construction projects, including the construction of hostels on top of the main building and other blocks, an information communication technology block, an education complex, the pentagon block center, toilet units, and the four-floor jubilee block. Additionally, we have established YCI Buwambo campus in Gayaza, which has helped accommodate the ever-increasing number of students.

Institute Bus:

We have acquired a 64-seater TATA bus to facilitate transportation for student tours, staff parties, and institute sports events.

Highly Qualified Human Resources:

The institute now boasts a team of exceptionally intelligent and highly qualified staff in every faculty, some of whom were sponsored by the Institute to attain degrees, master’s degrees, and even PhDs.

I am deeply grateful for the unwavering support of the Board, staff, students, friends, and well-wishers of YCI campus.